Dryer Vent Cleaning

What we offer:

Cleaning your dryer vent/conduit regularly will prevent fires and lower your utility bill.

The fine laundry lint does make its way past the dryer screen into the dryer vent.  Lint will cling to the vent walls with every laundry session.  As lint accumulates on the walls of dryer conduit airflow will be restricted.  The dryer fan works harder to force the hot air through the restricted conduit.  More electricity is required to run the fan increasing the cost of your utility bill. Heat builds up and can potentially start a fire within the built-up lint. Hundreds of dryer fires happen every year. You can avoid this scenario by having your dryer vents cleaned annually.

Additionally, your clothes will dry faster, and your dryer won’t have to work as hard each drying cycle.


Our Advantage:

  • Helps prevent home fires
  • Dry clothes quicker
  • Extend the life of your dryer
  • Lower your utility/electric bill
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